My Dad once told me that a good golfer is not made by the clubs he uses, but by the skill he possess and should be able to shoot well with any club. I believe the same holds true with your camera equipment.

Every photographer has a different bag of tricks that they keep handy for just the right shot.I am always learning and have decided to stay somewhat simple for now, yet still taking advantage of some of the best technology Canon has to offer. With that being said, I currently shoot with a Canon EOS 6D with either a 24-105mm w/image stabilization and Macro 0.4m/1.3ft or I also attach a EF 70-200mm Ultrasonic 1:4 L lens for some of the long shots. I actually shoot with this camera in manual mode for the first 3 months just to get use to the feel. I also have the basic flash kit but prefer to use my natural environment to provide what I need for a great shot.

As I add equipment, I will post it here.